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Have you ever said, “I can create a better show than the ones I’m watching?” When was the first time anyone asked you, “What film or television content you’d like to watch?” Why are there countless channels and you find yourself toggling between a few? Or, networks where you subscribe but they only have 1 or 2 shows that you love? Here’s where you have a voice and an opportunity to invest in the production of visual content you’ve been longing to see.

  1. Filmmakers, writers, actors, producers, content creators, and directors are given a 1st Look opportunity when donors support HoneyBHonest Entertainment LLC.
  2. Fans, Followers, Family, and Friends enrich culture and community by simply purchasing books and/or donating.
  3. Where else can you option film rights, theatrical rights, and/or dramatic audio rights online? Maybe you’re an aspiring director but need content with a built-in audience, or an actor who’s a fan of my work and would love to own one of my IPs. Well, HoneyBhonest Entertainment LLC…Makes It Possible!

Because You Come First!

Who We Are

HONEYBHONEST ENTERTAINMENT LLC is created by New York Times Bestselling Author Mary HoneyB Morrison. Our film projects are supported through grants, donations, sponsorships, and option acquisitions. After having multiple film projects placed on hold, fall through, or cancelled with producers that simply wanted to tie-up her intellectual property with zero investment dollars, Mary decided to launch her own film production company. She started out self-published and grew her literary catalog to 26 novels, plus 4 nonfiction titles, loved by millions of fans. Now it’s time for her next chapter in life…film and television.

Please help us create quality content for women.

What We Do

HONEYBHONEST ENTERTAINMENT LLC, gives 1st look option opportunities to investors, B-List actors, writers, content creatives, and directors. Also, Mary’s fans have a voice in project selections and the chance to be an extra in our productions. A grass root company with a focus on female empowerment, our films and TV shows are what Mary calls #drED (drama laced with sex educational content). When was the last time you learned something of value from watching a sex scene?

Please help us give new talent a place to shine.

We’re Expanding Our Team

Mary HoneyB Morrison
CEO & Executive Producer
Jesse Byrd, Jr.
COO Executive Producer

Latest Books

Stand Alones

Punany Paradise: 21 Types of Female Orgasms

Inside of Punany Paradise is sexual secrets men don’t want women to know. Women have 7 secretions points for a reason, but most men (and women) don’t know where they are located, nor do they understand the functionality of the vulva.   ...

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Never Let a Man Come First: A Guide to Understanding Male Behavior

Release Date: November 7, 2017 Young ladies, you need to quickly identify boys/men that only want to use you for your body. Understanding the guys that don’t care about you before you’re intimate with them may save you from being disappointed...

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Stand Alones

Careful What You Click For

n her most riveting novel yet, New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison delivers an emotional rollercoaster of a tale of four very different friends chasing after their heart’s desires, no matter the cost . . . For Jordan, Victoria, Kingston,...


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