About the Book

Sisters Foxy, Victoria, and Déjà run a prosperous bakery in the small town of Crème City by day and fulfilling client’s adult fantasies by night at Crème Fantasyland. Although business is booming, life at home doesn’t prove as successful.

Foxy can’t seem to get her husband to show her any type of affection and won’t leave her one true love-an ex-fiancé who’s still very much in love with her. “Trysexual” Victoria wears her heart on her sleeve and falls for any man or woman who can bring her to climax. Dominatrix Déjà, the toughest sister of the three, is perfect on the outside, but her need to control everything around her may prove detrimental to their success-and her marriage.

All is well in the land of Crème, until spurned lover and police chief, Rain makes an indecent proposal and attempts to shut down their business. With the whole town standing behind them (and not just because some of them happen to be clients), the women must decide whether to stand together and fight, or risk losing their business and, possibly, their freedom.

HoneyB Morrison


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