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New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison pairs with Queen of Urban Erotica Noire to deliver two tantalizing novellas about sex, revenge—and getting what you deserve…

Character of a Man Mary B. Morrison

Seven Stephens seems to have it all—money, mansion and a man—but is taken by surprise when her fiancé tells her the wedding is off if she can’t lose twenty-five pounds in six weeks. In no time, she’s out the door and headed for Punany Paradise for a sensual workout that’s both sweet revenge and sweet surrender….

Sugar-Honey-Ice Tee Noire

Blow, Nap, and Tomere are three grimy playahs from the hood. Nicknamed Dirty, Dastardly, and Depraved, these three NFL stars have no problem living up to their names on and off the field. But when they scheme to take out their biggest competition, a promising quarterback, they finally meet their match. Not in a vengeful ball player, but in three wicked and sexy sistahs. And it won’t take Sugar, Honey, or Ice Tee long to wreck everything in their path. Because vicious hotties always take whatever they want and ruin whatever they please…

Praise For The Novels Of Mary B. Morrison

“With well-crafted characters and an intriguing plot, Sweeter Than Honey is an exciting start to The Honey Diaries Series and will have you eagerly awaiting the next installment.” —UrbanReviews.com

“Hot sex and high drama move Morrison’s latest page turner…” —Publishers Weekly on When Somebody Loves You Back

“After reading this intriguing story about love, faith, and happiness, you may never say never again.” —E. Lynn Harris on Never Again Once More
“Morrison delivers a deep, passionate story that holds readers from beginning to end.” —Black Issues Book Review on He’s Just A Friend

Praise For The Novels Of Noire

“Thong On Fire is compelling and engaging, the kind of story that once started, is hard to put down.” —RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“Strong credible characters, wonderful storyline delivery, and salivating sex scenes makes this Noire’s best novel. Thug-A-Licious is simply urban erotica at its finest.” —UrbanReviews.com

“Urban erotica has never been hotter!” —Nikki Turner on Candy Licker

“…Sexy, gritty urban melodrama…” —Publishers Weekly on G-Spot

Discussion Questions

1. Rishawn “Pork Ribs” Rawlings is the odd man out in Sugar- Honey-Ice-Tee. In a world full of diesel-body professional football players, his less-than-perfect physique leaves his self-esteem in the gutter even though he is a good man with a big heart and a great job. If you are female, have you ever tossed a good brother off because he wasn’t all that in the looks department? Did you come to regret your decision?

2. Professional athletes and ballers often have endless doe and bigtime pull with the ladies. In this age of “get-all-you-can-get,” can you be swayed by money and star appeal alone, or does a baller have to bring something of substance to the party?

3. Nap, Tomere, and Blow were three star athletes with phat pockets and swollen egos. Do they remind you of anyone on the professional sports scene today?

4. When Charlie Baker got taken out by one of Blow’s grimy capers, he knew who to call on to get some retribution. Who would have your back in a similar situation? Would they be able to concoct a clever get-back scheme for you?

5. Blow, Tomere, and Nap were sheisty to the core. If a baller was lining your pockets and lacing you in fine clothing and bright jewels, but you knew the money was coming from illegal activities, would you accept the gifts?

6. The ballers in Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tee were constantly scheming on financial capers. If your man was working a caper that you knew was dirty, would you turn him in? Could you snitch on your boo?

7. Nap was a slumlord and a fraud. Sugar played him to the left by setting him up for insurance fraud and money laundering. Is outsourcing one’s company an exploitation of another country’s workforce to the detriment of American workers, or is all fair in business just as long as you turn a profit?

8. Honey had Tomere bent on her. If you knew a man had eyes (and hands) for very young girls, could you get loose with him and set him up, even for revenge?

9. Ice Tee pulls a slick move on Blow and gets him sent to a Mexican prison where he will probably get bent over in the shower. If your man went to the joint and admits he was once violated by another inmate, would you take him back once he was released?

10. With Sugar’s help, Ribs was able to turn his life around with exercise and a healthy diet. As a result, his confidence and self-esteem improved so much that he was able to feel worthy of a beautiful diva like Ice Tee. What would you have to do to improve your selfesteem? Does your physical appearance have a lot to do with how you see yourself, and how you relate to members of the opposite sex?

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