About the Book

What really makes a man plunge headlong into obsession? And what does he do past the point of no return? New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison delivers a seductive, mesmerizing tale of “love” gone dangerously wrong…

Madison is my woman. She needs me. This is the mantra Granville Washington constantly repeats to others, including the friends and family who beg him to respect Madison Tyler’s demand that he leave her alone. Sure, Granville knows they’re as different as can be. He’s a construction worker, ball-and-chained to the Houston grid, while brilliant, beautiful Madison runs her own multi-million dollar company. But he also knows she can’t resist the way he kisses every inch of her just right. After only three months, Granville is sure she’s everything he desires in a wife. If Madison only knew the real him, she’d realize they belong together. And he’ll do anything to make her his. Forever.

What part of “I’m not in a relationship with you,” didn’t Granville understand? No matter how direct Madison is, Granville just doesn’t get it. He was fine when it came to putting in overtime burning up the sheets, but that’s where their connection ends—or so she thinks. Once the stalking begins, Madison files a police report. She’s determined to take her life back. But once she moves on for real, Granville has a surprise for her…when she least expects it. Madison is about to discover just how far he will go to have and to hold her. Whether she wants him or not.

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