About the Book

Release Date: November 7, 2017

Take charge of the love and happiness you deserve in your relationship. Can we keep it real ladies? A lot of men out there ain’t shit. I’m writing this book not to degrade men, but to enlighten women.

Just when you think you’ve picked the right dick, he fucks up. As a New York Times Bestselling Author, relationship sexpert, executive producer, speaker, creator and instructor of my Vaginal Aerobics and Head Master classes, I’ve met a lot of dicks. The moment I tell a man that I write adult content—from the eight-five-year-old white man at the golfing resort, to the ethnically diverse millennials—they immediately share the most intimate parts of their life. Now I’m serving that tea (and more) to my gurlz in this uncensored book.

If you want my clean enough for teens to read version, buy Men are Bananas.

HoneyB Morrison


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