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The Purple Pleasure Massager is, in form, a light weight little oval complete with pretty rose gold accents and plenty of sexy, subtle texture. In function, it is the absolute perfect vibe for treating sweet spots. The clitoris is an obvious target, but it is perfect for nipples, head of the penis, ears, toes, anything goes. to 15 modes of deep, resonating vibration.

You can hold it in your hand, have a partner hold it in theirs, or, like the name suggests, lay on it. The Purple Pleasure Massager is IPX7 waterproof, and is safe for submersion up to about 3.2 feet for no longer than 30 minutes.

Material Silicone. USB rechargeable, cord included. 3.5 hour charge time for 50 minutes of play. Length 3.6 inches, girth 4.9 inches at largest point, width 1.75 inches at largest point.

Price $24.99

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