If you need a boost and would like one-on-one assistance from a New York Times Bestselling Author, here’s my fee schedule.

  • $40.00 – publishing consultation
  • 50.00 – book consultation
  • $50.00 – outline assistance
  • $50.00 – character development (up to 2 characters)
  • $75.00 – synopsis development
  • $75.00 – first chapter development

To schedule your appointment, email me at: In the subject, enter which service(s) you need.

Recommendations to independently achieve your goals:

  • write every day,
  • pen 1,000 words a day,
  • find a place you can concentrate, and
  • commit to a completion date.

I know you’ve got what it takes! And, if you’re sheltering-in-place this is a perfect time to write!

You’ve been thinking about your book for weeks, months, or (like me before I started) years. Your time is now. Let your published book be your gift to yourself and the world. Yes, think of yourself as a global author. Only you can tell your story.

I have a brief window (and I do mean brief) between now and executive producing my television series to assist those of you who are serious about writing.

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