Did you know, according to Psychology Today and ABCNews, only one out of four women have experienced ecstasy?

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These statistics concern me. I knew the percentage was low but thought it was at least 33% (one out of three). I’m making it a priority to help the 75% of women who have never climaxed, experience their first.


I want you to own every aspect of your existence. As a little girl, many of you were not taught to love yourself. Did you know the number of females sexually assaulted exceeds the number of women that have achieved ecstasy? You were ashamed to come forward and speak out against the boy/man that violated you.


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Before the traumatic experience, you probably had little to no awareness of your vulva or to what extent boys/men would go to assault you.

Where and how do you begin to change your mindset from taboo to oh-my-gosh I love myself! In my book, Never Let a Man Come First: A Female’s Guide to Understanding Male Behavior, I explain why being nice won’t make a man do right . . . even during COVID-19.

Women have 7-secretion points, men have one. A lot of men believe they are all you need even when the intimacy is not satisfying. Statistics show the average man climaxes in 3-7 minutes. Three-to-seven!

This is why before you get wet, he’s done!

Mary HoneyB Morrison
New York Times Bestselling Author



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