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August 1, 2019, the challenge begins.

Recommendations to achieve your goals:

  • write every day,
  • try to pen 1,000 words a day (4 pages double-spaced),
  • find a place you can concentrate, and
  • if you start late catch up.

I know you’ve got what it takes! You’ve been thinking about your book for weeks, months, or (like me before I started) years. Your time is now. Let your published book be your holiday gift to yourself and the world. Yes, think of yourself as a global author.

Since I’ve retired this year from 20 years of writing fiction with 27 books in print, I have a brief window (and I do mean brief) between now and executive producing my film and television series to assist those of you who are serious about writing.

By Halloween, your first draft should be completed that is if you make and keep the commitment. In the group, you’ll receive support from fellow writers with a common goal.

Often the hardest parts are beginning and finishing.

If you need a boost and would like one-on-one assistance from me, here’s my fee schedule exclusively for the closed group . . .  Ready to Write

  • $25.00 – book consultation
  • $25.00 – outline assistance
  • $35.00 – publishing consultation
  • $35.00 – character development (up to 2 characters)
  • $75.00 – synopsis development
  • $75.00 – first chapter development

To schedule your appointment, email me at: In the subject, enter which service(s) you need.

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