What you learn may pleasantly surprise you.

What men and women need to know about one another does not start in the bedroom. Nowadays it’s virtually impossible to find real—meaning genuine—people that aren’t premeditating how to use someone before they meet him/her.

Let’s face it, investing in a relationship is a gamble. Meeting someone on a dating site is a shot in the dark. Getting to know a person is priceless.

Pleasers is where you come to be yourself. You are the giver and recipient of valuable information. You may connect with someone in this group that you build a relationship with but that’s not the intended purpose. I encourage Pleasers to establish friendships first.

The intent here is to communicate, share, and learn. You may be a guy going through a tough divorce/breakup or simply wondering how to approach a woman you like. The women may want to better understand how to select a good partner or seek suggestions on where to go on a first-date.

Enter this group with an open mind.

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What are you getting for your money?
1. A New York Times Bestselling Author, relationship expert, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, playwright, and filmmaker host that will unite real men and women in a ‘closed’ group;
2. The opportunity to network, give, and receive advice from a mature audience as well as myself;
3. Receive educational posts that can improve your mental, physical, spiritual, and intimate health; and
4. Special pre-paid blogs and videos on adult subject matters.

The additional charge for special content is necessary as to not offend any member that may not be interested in topics (i.e., natural male enhancements, vaginal aerobics, genital health, Kegels for him and her, bedroom secrets to enhance your experience, and more).

BE ADVISED: Every request to join will be reviewed but not accepted. Your request will be declined if:
• you do not have a profile photo;
• your profile page appears to be spam; and,
• you have not been on Facebook for at six months.

If you are declined, you will NOT be charged.

The quality of people in Pleasers is more important than the quantity.
While the host prefers everyone is either gainfully employed or an entrepreneur, that’s not a prerequisite. But it will get you approved faster. The criterion isn’t about the membership fee. I know that self-sufficient people are less likely to be users.

Initially, I was against teaching men anything because guys become defensive quickly, their egos are easily bruised, and they pretend to know what they don’t.

But I realize there are real men seeking to connect with real women. Some men really want to do better and simply don’t know-how. Maybe their father didn’t teach them or he wasn’t present in the home. Many men are under-educated about how to maintain their manhood and have a healthy relationship.

A significant number of women have been molested, raped, or sexually assaulted. It’s not their fault yet years later she hasn’t told anyone, but it adversely impacts the love she wants to give because she’s afraid to tell her partner.

NO ONE in this group has to reveal themselves. That’s why HoneyB is here. If you don’t want to share openly, message me directly with your questions/concerns and I’ll post to the group without letting anyone know it’s you.

For those interested, request to Join Now.

Mary HoneyB Morrison, Host

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