Pucker Up 1: Pleasure Pearls

Pucker Up 1: Pleasure Pearls

All the shopping you’ve done over your lifetime, have you ever bought your pussy a present?  Do you have a workout routine for your vagina? Do you have an intimate relationship with your punany?

It doesn’t matter what you call her.  If you’ve answered ‘No’ to any of the above questions, you need a pussy intervention.  Stop suppressing your secretions.  Begin exercising your vagina today.

Simply spreading your legs and having sex does not count.  Even if you’re doing jumping jacks on a pogo-dick, if your pussy is a flapjack, you and your partner are missing out on the ultimate sexual experience.

I promised to tell you how to make your punany do tricks and I will.  But the more I thought about it, I realized most women don’t do kegel crunches.  So how can I teach anyone how to ‘Rope Him & Ride Him,’ if there is no motion inside the saddle?

Instead of trying to cram tricks into one HoneyBlog, I’m going to make Pucker Up an on-going blog.  That way, when I give you a tool, you’ll have time to learn how to use it before we move on to the next phase.

We can all have sex. We can all dance.  But  you don’t become a performer without training.  Pucker Up 1, is intended to teach you how to exercise and tighten your vagina.  When listening to music, you’ll start making your pussy dance and this will be your theme song: Trouble!  Skilled pussy will definitely get you in Trouble.

How to do Kegel Exercises:  I could simply recommend that you remember to do my suggested 5 sets of 20 reps 3 times a day by contracting and relaxing your vaginal muscles . . . but most of you will forget by the time you’re done reading my blog.  Kegel exercises are effective but adding pearls is more advantageous.  Once you’ve got the hang of it, I want your pussy to dance whenever you hear music.

Every Woman needs a set of Pleasure Pearls (or Ben-Wa Balls)

Like Ben-Wa Balls, Pleasure Pearls are used to strengthen Vaginal Muscles.  I personally prefer the pearls because the metal balls are plastic coated.  Ben-Wa balls are metal with no coating.  Whatever works best for you is okay, but if your pussy is sensitive, definitely buy the pearls.

$20.00 [price includes shipping & handling]


Order yours now!  Or race to your local pleasure store.  It doesn’t matter where you buy them as long as you get yours before they’re all gone!

My instructions for using Pleasure Pearls and/or Ben-Wa balls:

1.  For all of you, “I already know this HoneyB fans,” be patient with the women who need to know this.  I’ll get to you in Pucker Up 2!

2.  Finding your pubococcygeus muscle, commonly called the PC muscle or as I like to call it for ladies your ‘pussy control’ muscle is simple. The muscles you contract to stop the flow of urine are your PC muscles.  Try this the next time you use the restroom.

3.  Before inserting your pearls, you must wash them with a toy cleanser or mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Whenever your balls come out, wash and rinse before re-inserting.

4.  Insert one ball at a time. If you’re not used to inserting pearls or if you’re having trouble, elevate one foot on a chair. You can also insert them while lying on your back. When I first started many years ago, I would lay on my bed and used the tube that came with my Vagisil kit to push the balls deep into the cul-de-sac of my vagina. You can use your finger or your dildo.  Your objective is to make sure the pearls are well inserted so they don’t fall out (at least not right away).

5,  Squeeze your PC muscles to begin exercising.  The great thing about pearls is your pussy will love them.  Most women’s muscles contract automatically after the pearls are in.

6.  If you’re doing your kegel exercise without pearls or balls, make sure you focus on the PC muscle and not the shaft or sphincter muscle.  If you’re into anal sex, then by all means you should squeeze the sphincter too but alternate and isolate between the PC and the sphincter.  Anal sex is an advance Pucker Up level.  If you’re an anal virgin, don’ t give your anal virginity to just any guy.

7.  If your muscles are weak, the balls may fall out. Don’t give up.  The more you exercise the stronger your PC muscles become.  Eventually you’ll be able to hold and control your pearls and move them up and down without losing them (especially during urination).

8.  CAUTION!  When you relax your PC muscles (especially be careful when using the restroom) they may fall out. Whenever you push, you’re pushing the balls out. Eventually you will learn how to relax and contract your PC muscles at the same time but it’s best to remove the balls before having a bowel movement.

9.  Please catch your pearls if feel them falling.  Better rinse off your own urine than to let your pearls go down the toilet.  Also, they are pearls and they can break if they hit a hard surface.

10.  Can you leave them in during sex?  Absolutely!  You and your partner may experience extra pleasure.  If you try leaving them in during sex and your uncomfortable, take them out.

11.  GOOD NEWS!  You can keep your pearls in for hours if you’d like but do not sleep with them inside your vagina.

12.  Removing the balls isn’t always easy. You’re training your PC muscles to be strong but you must also learn how to relax your muscles. In most cases, let it happen naturally.  If that doesn’t work, you may need to sneeze, cough, or insert lubrication then sit and bear down to get them out.  You can also insert your finger into your vagina, pull to one side to create an opening (or escape route) for your pearls to come out.  Eventually, instead of popping out pearls, you’ll be spitting out a dick.

13.  It’s not possible for the balls to travel inside your body from the vagina so don’t worry about them getting lost or coming out of your navel.  That won’t happen unless your uterus has a hole it.  In that case (which I’ve never heard of) you need medical attention, not pearls.

14.  Consistent use will aide you in mastering pussy trick #1 aka 101, The Pulsating Pussy.  One day you’ll be surprised.  When you climax, your pussy should indeed pulsate repeatedly.  You man will love this as he’ll feel it too.

15.  Pearls bring Pleasure.  Regular use generally improves sex for you, and your partner should begin to notice that you’re tighter.

16.  NEVER HAD AN ORGASM?  Strengthening your Pussy Control muscles may help you to have your first.

17.  I advocate doing your PC exercises to increase sexual pleasure.  The greatest benefit you’ll receive is strengthening your pelvic floor and not having a leaky bladder as you get older.

18.  WARNING:  Both pearls and balls contains metal.  Do not wear either if you must go through a metal detector, (i.e., courthouse, TSA checkpoint at the airport, etc.).  I forgot to take mine out once.  Almost missed my flight.

This is HONEYB, signing off on this issue of Pucker Up! The upcoming issue is, Pucker Up 2Spit-N-Swallow