Soulmates Dissipate

darius-jones Darius Jones

Book# 8

Darius Jones is the man women hate to love and love to hate. He’s a triple threat. He’s wealthy, successful, and attractive. Women will do almost anything to have sex with him. His son’s mother will stop at nothing to get him back. His fiancee refuses to let him go. Torn by temptation, Darius has …

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She Aint The One She Ain’t the One

Book# 7

Ashlee is heartbroken. She’s having the hardest time getting over Darius. She relocates to D.C. to heal. A new man, Jay Crawford, comes into her life saying and doing all the right things. When Jay’s ex wants to reunite, Ashlee refuses to be the same fool twice and Jay ends up paying the price.

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When-Somebody-Loves-You-Back When Somebody Loves You Back

Book# 6

Sometimes a man has got to move to have a change of heart. LA was his roots but Atlanta would give him a fresh start away from the Hollywood lifestyle. He’s ready to marry the woman he should have but when he gets the news that his ex is HIV positive, he doesn’t tell his …

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Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This

Book# 5

A jealous woman will stop at nothing to keep the man she wants from having a baby with another woman. Ashlee finds a clever way to slip Fancy an abortion pill. When Fancy finds out the truth, she wants to kills Ashlee. Darius guilty of emotionally abusing Ashlee insists that it was all an accident. …

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Somebody's Gotta Be On Top Somebody’s Gotta Be On Top

Book# 4

Darius Jones has a billion dollar empire and wants to grow it with his wife Ciara. She’s not the most beautiful woman but her connections are invaluable. When Ciara refuses to share the information Darius needs, her services and her ugly hand in marriage are no longer needed.

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He's Just A Friend He’s Just A Friend

Book# 3

Fancy Taylor appreciates Desmond. He’s nice but not man enough. Byron is the one for her, until he abandons her leaving her for dead. Fancy survives and finds herself in church. She’s not religious but believes in fate. When Darius Jones sits next to her she knows her prayers have been answered.

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Never Again Once More Never Again Once More

Book# 2

“I’m pregnant,” are the words Jada has to tell both of her lovers. Wellington is excited and wants to marry her. Darryl denies paternity claiming he pulled out. Not sure which man is the biological father, Jada let’s Wellington be there for them. When Darius is born, Jada decides it’s best to just let things …

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Soulmates Dissipate Soulmates Dissipate

Book# 1

Based on the upcoming film by Codeblack and Lionsgate. Jada believes she’s found her soulmate. Her relationship with Wellington Jones is a dream come true. But like many women, does Jada get too comfortable too soon? Or was Melanie Thompson and Wellington Jones destined to be together?

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