Honey Diaries

darius-jones Darius Jones

Book# 4

A family divided. Honey Thomas is determined to reunite with the loves of her life. Until she does, everyone is a suspect especially Darius Jones’s mother Jada Diamond Tanner. Honey will fight to keep Jada from taking her man, Grant Hill. But for her boys Luke & London, Honey Thomas will kill.

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Unconditionally Single Unconditionally Single

Book# 3

With a starting price of $10,000/hour, Honey has made millions escorting the most beautiful women in Vegas. Now she wants out of the business. Before relocating to Atlanta, Honey gives each of her escorts $1,000,000 to start a new life and help her get prostitutes off their back and on their feet.

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Who's Loving You Who’s Loving You

Book# 2

Honey Thomas didn’t feel worthy of love until she met Grant Hill. He was handsome, successful, and deeply in love with her. When she learns he’s sexed other women, Honey heart turns to coal. She knows she’s prostituted and now she’s a madam but her past doesn’t justify Grant’s cheating.

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Sweeter Than Honey Sweeter than Honey

Book# 1

Kicked out of the house by her mother, Lace St. Thomas had just turned sixteen. With no place to go, she ends up working at a brothel. When offered the opportunity to be a madam, she takes her dead sister (Honey) identity and starts an upscale escort business with the notorious Valentino James.

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