Honey B

The Rich Girls Club The Rich Girls’ Club

Book# 4

ON SALE March 26, 2013 . Pussy and politics are a recipe for success. That is if you’re a woman. California has never had a female governor. Four determined women are about to make that change. Betraying and blackmailing their opponents goes well until an internal scandal jeopardizes it all.

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Married on Mondays Married on Mondays

Book# 3

A woman should only have to cater to her husband one day a week to keep him satisfied. Sisters Foxy, Victoria, and Déjà (unbeknownst to their husbands) run a prosperous bakery called Crème. A cupcake costs $2 if you want to eat it or $2,000 if you the sexual experience of your lifetime.

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Single Husbands Single Husbands

Book# 2

Three men who married for all the wrong reasons. Herschel, Brian, and Lexington are still living like they are single. Herschel constantly complains because his wife puts him last. Brian keeps his wife first while sexing women on the side. And Lexington gets his thrills from frequenting sex clubs.

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Sexcapades Sexcapades

Book# 1

Nick and Natalie are competitive in the bedroom and the boardroom. They’re up for a promotion worth $1,000,000 but only will get the position. Natalie is willing to do whatever it takes. Nick is too until he learns their boss, Flint, is bi-sexual and will base his decision on who sexes him the best.

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