darius-jones Darius Jones

Book# 4 from: Honey Diaries

A family divided. Honey Thomas is determined to reunite with the loves of her life. Until she does, everyone is a suspect especially Darius Jones’s mother Jada Diamond Tanner. Honey will fight to keep Jada from taking her man, Grant Hill. But for her boys Luke & London, Honey Thomas will kill.

He's Just A Friend He’s Just A Friend

Book# 3 from: Soulmates Dissipate

Fancy Taylor appreciates Desmond. He’s nice but not man enough. Byron is the one for her, until he abandons her leaving her for dead. Fancy survives and finds herself in church. She’s not religious but believes in fate. When Darius Jones sits next to her she knows her prayers have been answered.

I'd_Rather_Be_With_You,_Aug_2013_HC-Sml I’d Rather Be With You

Book# 2 from: If I Can't Have You

Loretta Lovelace wants her best friend’s husband and will do all within her power to get him. When a man loves a woman the way Roosevelt ‘Chicago’ DuBois loves his wife, he doesn’t care what another woman is willing do. He’s never divorcing his wife . . . unless his life depends on it.

Screen shot 2012-07-19 at 8.18.44 PM If I Can’t Have You

Book# 1 from: If I Can't Have You

Madison Tyler, diva extraordinaire, is a b*tch but men love her, She’s got 9 engagement rings to prove it. When she sexes Granville Washington, it was a game based on a bet. She’d never take a loser like him seriously. Granville isn’t joking. He’s in love with Madison and if he can’t have her . …

Scandalous Conclusion If You Don’t Know Me

Book# 3 from: If I Can't Have You

New York Times bestselling autor Mary B. Morrison delivers a scandalous story of two women, a sizzling wager, and the fallout that turned lives upside down. Now, with the only man they’ve ever wanted at stake, who will go one step too far to claim him?

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Maneater Maneater

Book# 1 from: MBM Novels

Lose the weight or the wedding is off. Magnum isn’t happy with the 26lbs Seven has gained and he vows not to marry her unless she takes it all off. Since he didn’t say how she should get it off, Seven checks into Punany Paradise for 6 weeks and experience a wonderful sexual revelation.

Married on Mondays Married on Mondays

Book# 3 from: Honey B

A woman should only have to cater to her husband one day a week to keep him satisfied. Sisters Foxy, Victoria, and Déjà (unbeknownst to their husbands) run a prosperous bakery called Crème. A cupcake costs $2 if you want to eat it or $2,000 if you the sexual experience of your lifetime.

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Never Again Once More Never Again Once More

Book# 2 from: Soulmates Dissipate

“I’m pregnant,” are the words Jada has to tell both of her lovers. Wellington is excited and wants to marry her. Darryl denies paternity claiming he pulled out. Not sure which man is the biological father, Jada let’s Wellington be there for them. When Darius is born, Jada decides it’s best to just let things …

Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This

Book# 5 from: Soulmates Dissipate

A jealous woman will stop at nothing to keep the man she wants from having a baby with another woman. Ashlee finds a clever way to slip Fancy an abortion pill. When Fancy finds out the truth, she wants to kills Ashlee. Darius guilty of emotionally abusing Ashlee insists that it was all an accident. …

Sexcapades Sexcapades

Book# 1 from: Honey B

Nick and Natalie are competitive in the bedroom and the boardroom. They’re up for a promotion worth $1,000,000 but only will get the position. Natalie is willing to do whatever it takes. Nick is too until he learns their boss, Flint, is bi-sexual and will base his decision on who sexes him the best.

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Single Husbands Stage Play-(300×250)

Single Husbands Stage Play-(300x250)