GD knows its way around the pussy
GD is patient
GD lets the head say hello to the pussy
GD kisses the clit and greets the lips
GD makes the pussy wet before putting the head in
GD stops takes the head out then puts it in again
GD goes a little deeper then stops and teases the pussy

GD pleases the pussy
…you like that pussycat?
GD wants to know before going deeper
GD goes back and forth in the pussy
GD waits for her breaths to become shallow
GD makes her grab his ass and pull his hips to the pussy

GD glides to the pit of the pussy and pause
GD makes the pussy lose control
GD takes charge
GD jabs pause jabs pause jabs wait…
GD pulls out

Please baby please put it back in!

GD says NO I want to taste you
GD softly sucks the clit
GD licks the inside of the labia
GD waits until the pussy wants to cum
GD penetrates the pussy to the depth of the vagina

GD grinds round and round side-to- side in and out
GD makes the pussy shout OH MY GOD!
GD makes the pussy scream its name
GD makes her curse and call Jesus’s name

GD makes legs shake
GD gives her aftershocks from its quake
GD makes tears fall like a waterfall

So don’t say you have good dick
If she’s making a grocery list
Waiting for you to be done
So she can make herself cum

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