Born to breed. Like bulls. Don’t run son. Walk downhill. Fuck all the cows.

The year…1619.

A strapping colored man stands on an auction block. Naked. Shackled at his neck, wrists, waist, ankles. His male member is on full display, the largest compared to all of the White men standing before him staring in disbelief.

“Bend over boy. Spread your cheeks. Stand up. Open your mouth,” a white man demands.

I wonder how the White man would feel if he were enslaved by the black man, or the Indians. Clearly it could’ve happened for the White man is no more (or less) superior than any other ethnicity. But the level of hate is great amongst too many Whites in America. Back to my point.

Another command, “Cough boy.

Athletic physique. Hard-working. Sunrise to sunset, the black man becomes chattel, farming land and pulling a plow like a mule, for the white master. Nightfall, before the black man fucks his wife, the White master slips his dick into the black man’s asshole, then returns to the big house. Not to fuck his wife, but to sex the woman he loves more, his black maid.

Sodomy. Not unfamiliar to the black male slave. Perhaps to blame for the origin of the black man’s disdain for the black woman. His inability to be compassionate stems from the fact that she was never his…woman. Black men were not meant to parent. A black man’s job was to produced countless offspring that he never had to attend to. It was not uncommon for a black woman to birth eleven, twelve, sometimes thirteen children, most of whom were stripped away soon as they were able to work in the field.

Helpless. Colored woman. Hopeless. Colored man. Desperation. Desertion. Both?

Fast forward, before the Civil War, a black slave’s cost to a White master? $2,000.00. His earnings in exchange for back-breaking labor. Rations. His value. Priceless.

The year…2017.

Bulls become thoroughbreds and stallions. Dicks hang low-er.

Today we have African-American men. Well-endowed. Producing countless offspring that they shamelessly denounce. Relocating from one plantation to his crib the black man moves on without his family. The black woman was never his to have and to hold until death.

From being strange fruit (dead bodies hanging from trees) to eating the unforbidden nectar, the black man sex the White man’s woman. She worships his chocolate cock for it is bigger than any penis she’d ever seen attached to a White man. For different reasons, both the White man and woman, values the black man’s manhood.

Post-slavery, strategically designed by the white man, a black man behind bars worth is $40,000 a year. Institutionalized slavery. You don’t hear me though. Welcome to Seattle! Here’s your white woman.

“Girl, you know you want this dick!”

Black men have a “fucking side” of the menu. Some prefer to skip the cost of an entrée, invite themselves over, and offer the “should be grateful black woman who’s not good enough to take on a date,” his big black dick.

The devaluation of the black man is in part due to his self-assessment that his dick is at the top of the fucking chain; therefore, he carelessly engages in mindless sex. Plunging in and out of pussy makes him feel powerful. No woman, nor wife, nor girlfriend, nor fiancée can keep him from putting Mandingo on a pedestal. He randomly penetrates women raw without fore or afterthought. Since the 13th amendment, the Black man praises what the White man deems most valuable…money.

Forty acres and a mule and the black man doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window with a mortgage? The Black man worships money, no matter how much or little he has, he sacrifices his woman, his children, and his character for the sake of his coins.

Those new Jordan’s are coming out. Master I got your money. Bitch betta have mine. The black man freely takes and takes and takes from the black woman until there’s nothing left, including her dignity. Cars, clothes, diamonds in his teeth, credit hangs on chains like the shackles that weighed down his ancestors’ feet. The black man would rather look like a million dollars than to legitimately stack zeros behind the first digit of his bank account.

White men wonder, “after we incarcerate the black man, how many years can we keep him behind bars?” Black man thinks, “after I screw the black woman, how long do I have to lay with her? Twenty, thirty, fifty minutes?” Some black men are out soon as the pull out.

If a black man’s hand is always on his dick, someone else’s hand is always in his pocket.

Black men significantly contribute to the 70% of black women that are single moms. Now the White man has found another way to increase the number of black men that will be incarcerated by abolishing abortion. Don’t pay your child support my brothers and you too will add to the White man’s bottom line. Once the White man gets the black man behind bars by any means, including murder, the White man will take a black man’s. . . Life.

A number of black men live paycheck-to-paycheck off the black woman’s paycheck. She’s got her own car. Her own house. Hair done! Nails done! Before the black man comes along but once she lets him put the head in, the black man claims all of her shit, is his too.

The question I’d like answered is, why should African-American women view the black man—the man who has voluntarily stepped up on the auction block with his dick in-hand—as a winner? Why should the black woman want the black man’s hand in marriage when the black man can’t let go of his dick long enough to put a ring on her finger?



#HoneyBHonest: Black men need to get off of the auction block and step up to the plate.

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