“Put it in your mouth,” he says. “I promise I won’t cum.”

“No. I don’t do that on the first date,” she replies.

I knew I should’ve taken the white girl out. I wouldn’t have to ask her to suck me off. She’d gladly have my mic down her throat and she’d savor every seed.

“Gurl, I ain’t gon’ tell nobody. Why you so damn fine? You gon’ mess around and make me fall in-love with your ass.” Placing her hand on his erection, he lets her know, “You got me all hard and shit. Give your man some sex,” he begs.

I promise. I’m only going to put the head in. Then I’ma pull out.”


This procrastinating bitch about to give me blue balls. “You’re a tease. If you don’t trust me, I’m out.” He zips his pants. “I ain’t gon’ sit here forever. What you wanna do? If I leave, I’m not coming back.”

Moments later, she gives in to his silence, just to please him. She kneels on her sofa. Eagerly, he spreads her thighs. Penetrating her doggie-style, his head glides past her G-spot to the depth of her cul-de-sac. “I knew your shit was the bomb.”

Fast and furious, his balls slam against her clitoris as the crown of her skull bangs against the wall. “Damn, I’m about to bust.” She lets him have his way. His dick begins throbbing. Waves of semen squirt one after another until his erection subsides. He sighs relief.

“Why your pussy so good?” he asks as his flaccid manhood rest inside of her wet vagina.

“I thought you were going to pull out. What if I get pregnant?”

Not my problem. She should’ve swallowed.

“There. I’m out,” he says, instantly annoyed. “You can’t get pregnant from one time. You’ll be all right.”

She sits on her red vinyl sofa. As his semen spills from her vagina, saturates her inner thighs, he zips his pants, then says, “I got to go. Call me later.”

Even if the black female doesn’t suck . . . in many instances, she gets fucked!

Let’s view, Black Women Don’t Suck, from three angles.

First, black women are too conservative when it comes to expressing themselves sexually. Two, black women are angry. And three, black women are easy to manipulate.

In America, the black woman went from being the white master’s property to the black man’s slave. Countless black men went from chains to slavery to prison. Yet, the black man treats the black woman as though she’s disposable, carelessly leaving her vagina to be recycled by the next dick.

The worst thing that can happen to black men is to have black women give up on each and every one of them. If all black women stopped loving, caring, and supporting black men—fathers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, cousins, friends, sons—black men would become extinct.

Black men need to stop leading with their dick!

White men sip cognac, smoke cigars, hunt, and golf while figuring out how to capitalize at the black man’s expense. White men deliberately give black men access to more guns, drugs, liquor stores, disproportionately issue more traffic violations, misdemeanors, felonies, longer sentences, and all black men do is complain about the system. As soon as a black man gets out of prison, he’s in search of a black woman to hold him down until he gets back on his feet.

Who’s passionate and cares for the black man? Not the white man. Unless the black man has money, it’s not usually the white woman. That’s right! It is the black woman that the black man obliviously fucks and fuck over.

For the men shouting, “Not all black men,” or, “That’s not true Mary HoneyB Morrison.” I say, “Hit me up when you date a dick or your balls metamorphosis into a black woman’s vagina.” Perhaps then you may have a paradigm shift.

Do you believe black women are too conservative when it comes to expressing themselves sexually?

When White women spread, they reign supreme as freaks. Black women are often degraded (by their parents, partners, husbands, girlfriends, and society) for enjoying any type of sex. Whenever a black woman engages in sex, she should be celebrated.

Black women were raped repeatedly for the white man’s pleasure. White women sexed black men for entertainment. It has gotten to the point where no one cares about the black woman being sexually satisfied, including the black woman. Today, many black women have chosen celibacy over sex; some have birthed babies and never had an orgasm. Black men don’t know this but they could if they’d let their dick take a back seat to their ego. Men don’t give a fuck. Men just want to fuck.

Truth be told, a lot of black men fuck like they’re slaves.

All that damn trying to beat the pussy up, or knock the bottom out of it, is to prove what nigga? How barbaric they are still relying on the physical as opposed to the mental.

Black men share more quality time with their homies than they do with their woman. And some of these black men are fucking their home boys on the low.
From her ass to her lips, her breasts to her hips…men lust to penetrate the black cherry. But many do so without passion, compassion, or concern for her sexual gratification. America has never accepted black women as beautiful. If they did we wouldn’t have campaign for My Black is Beautiful and Black Girls Rock, but do enough of us really believe we are beautiful? Not from what I’m hearing from friends, family, and fans.

A black female’s voluptuous body draws unwanted sexual advances in her formative years and beyond that may lead to rape and molestation—often by relatives, close family, and so-called friends. Black men committing sexual crimes think, “I’m a nice guy.”

When the black female should be preparing for college, she’s often faced with pregnancy. If she makes it to a university, the black female Freshman is sexually targeted by upper classmen plotting to see who can fuck her first. The teenage black female on campus is most vulnerable and more likely to be raped than any other classification. She doesn’t realize there is a bullseye on her pussy. Sadly, when it happens, she often tells no one she’s been raped, including her parents—sometimes she’s been gang raped. She suffers in silence. Why are black women less likely to report rape?

Don’t take my word. Black men, I want you to ask black women, your woman/wife/sister/friend/mother, if she’s been raped or molested. Then ask her if she’s ever had an orgasm, and does she enjoy intercourse.

Not many Black women are taught to love themselves, appreciate and explore their body, masturbate, or simply that sex is (or should be) a good experience. If she discovers the joy of intimacy, she’s labeled a whore, slut, thot, generally by other Black women who are insecure. The church-going females deem themselves “better”, yet many of them are sexually repressed and have also been raped and/or molested by members of their congregation, including the deacon with his dick in his hand and/or the pastor.

Let’s move on to the angry black woman.

In most instances, black females start off passionate. They trust that when a man tells her he loves her, he’s sincere. She believes when he says he’ll never leave her, he means it. Then when she learns, he has multiple women, or when he gets her pregnant, then abandons her…and moves on with another woman, she has every damn right to be angry. That same passion that she loves with, a black woman hurt and hate with.

My question is, “Do Black men ever get tired of fucking over Black women?

Then the next black man says he’s not like the rest. He’s right. He’s worst. Now she has baby #2 by dude #2, and the world condemns her. Calls her stupid. And along comes guy #3 who may be an engaged doctor or a married deacon with his dick in his hand saying to her all the things he’s said to previous women in hopes that she’ll spread those pretty chocolate thighs and let him take his turn at screwing her over before he goes home to his wife and kids.

Why is the black woman so easy, one might ask?

In part, the fault lies in the tradition of giving young girls baby dolls. Toy manufacturers may be to blame—marketing dolls to a young impressionable audience. Society is not held accountable, for preconditioning little girls to believe motherhood is something to aspire to. Or maybe it’s the black man that boasts, “no man is going to fuck over my daughter because I’m an expert on dogging out black bitches.” If you think this blog is harsh, try being a black woman that’s on the receiving end of the black man’s bullshit.

Lots of black men have ruined woman after woman after woman, then claim they are looking for a “good” woman. His pathological lies persuade the legs of the next black woman who will become his victim to spread open. Sad but true, every time a black man fucks over a black woman, Sojourner Truth probably wants to shot him in the ass. Many black men are a disgrace to our race.



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