Did you know, according to Psychology Today and ABCNews, only one out of four women have experienced a vaginal orgasm?

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These statistics concern me. I knew the percentage was low but thought it was at least 33% (one out of three). I’m making it a priority to help the 75% of women who have never experienced a vaginal orgasm have their first.

I want to focus on three areas:

Eliminating the myth that sex is taboo;
Encouraging women to touch themselves; and
Explaining what to do when you have a selfish lover.

Eliminating the myth that sex is taboo requires a mental adjustment. If you feel pussy is a bad word, you are disconnected from yours. I want you to own every aspect of your existence. As a little girl, you were not taught to embrace your sexuality. Plus, many of you were sexually assaulted. You were ashamed to come forward and speak out against the boy/man that violated you.

Never Let a Man Come First

Before the traumatic experience, you probably had little to no awareness of your vulva or to what extent boys/men would go to ejaculate inside of you.

Your yoni is amazing! She wants you to embrace her. Heal her. But where and how do you begin to change your mindset from taboo to oh-my-gosh I love her! In my book, Never Let a Man Come First: A Female’s Guide to Understanding Male Behavior, I explain why being nice won’t make a man do right.


You are told to get an education on everything but your pussy. Your mother didn’t teach you, and you don’t talk openly to your daughter. In fact, fathers and mothers do not want their daughter thinking about sex. That’s in part why many females have never had a vaginal orgasm. If women keep perpetuating the social stigma, the statistics may become one out of five or ten.

Encouraging women to touch themselves can help more females to climax. Who tells boys not to masturbate? In fact, we expect and encourage boys to indulge in self-pleasuring but we don’t do the same with girls. Did you know that females can have clitoral orgasms while they are a virgin? You have been shamed out of your pleasure as a woman. That’s’ not your fault. But the beauty is it’s not too late to take control of your orgasms. Touch yourself during intercourse. Find pleasure in being intimate with your partner.

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In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable but don’t give up. The more you learn about your desires, your body, relax and release . . . one day you may get that pleasant first-time surprise. Toys are a wonderful addition. You can shop my website’s adult store for a selection. Most of my items are discrete. Single moms don’t have to worry about their kids discovering anything that appears inappropriate. Isn’t it interesting how men not only discourage a woman pleasuring herself during intercourse but few guys care if you’re sexually satisfied? Men don’t like toys but most don’t engage in foreplay. A lot of men believe their dick is all you need even when its bad, dirty, or flaccid. Statistics show the average man climaxes in 3-7 minutes. Three-to-seven! Women have 7-secretion points, men have one, and 1 out of 4 women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm.

No wonder so many women haven’t had a vaginal orgasm! Before you get wet, he’s done!

Head Games

Explaining what to do when you have a selfish lover.

It’s time to stop leaving your pleasure up to him. Most men are clueless about how to please a woman in and out of the bedroom. Tell him what you like. Teach him how to love you. Do not be shy! Don’t request, demand he slows down when he’s moving too fast. I suggest my girls make oral (on you, not him) mandatory prior to penetration. Some men aren’t good at oral copulation but they’re quick to stick their dick in your mouth begging you to perform fellatio. By all means necessary, learn how to get your orgasm first ladies.

Require your man be present with you during sex. A lot of you miss out because he’s banging you like he’s a star. He’s trying to do the impossible by knocking the bottom out of the pussy or forcing his dick all the way down your throat like you’re a blowup doll. If he’s doing that, he doesn’t care about you and he doesn’t deserve to penetrate any part of you. He’s watching too much porn. It’s easy to tell.

I want you to accept ownership of your orgasms. Climaxing is beautiful! Care less about him getting his and more about you getting yours.

STOP SETTLING for lame men who make semen deposits inside your vagina with no returns on your enjoyment. This goes for husbands as well.

A woman is never obligated to sexually satisfy a man. 

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